I realize that fashion, like most things in history, keeps repeating itself. Over the Summer season, I noticed a huge nod to the 70’s era and it seems to have continued on to the Fall as well. (Insert me telling my mom that she should have kept her old clothes for me lol)

I’ve been definitely grooving on this ‘vintage take with a new spin’ style recently, I love the color palettes, the bold prints, the fabrics as well as the cuts of the pieces that are rolling out.

For this look I wanted to play on that vintage-esque vibe with muted color tones, perfect for the Fall season, with trendy cuts. I love this super cute tie front crop top, paired perfectly with these high rise pants. For me this purse was the star of the show, it was the centerpiece to this whole look, and I scored it for only $2 at my local goodwill. The Calvin Klein shoes were also a Thrift Store find that I got for $8.

I’ve been really loving this trend and plan on continuing it with other pieces as well. Is the vintage clothing trend something that you’re into as well?


Together we Shine

Let me first start off by stating one of the best things a blogger can do is to collaborate with other bloggers! Whether they be inside or outside of your niche, I think we as bloggers need each other. By opening yourself up, you are opening up to a world of like minded people, who you may not have been visible to otherwise.

I have preached this before, but for bloggers, I think that it’s a good idea to make connections with others who understand the struggle of what you do, and the hard work that you put into your craft. Plus it doesn’t hurt to reach out to those who inspire you to dream bigger and to bounce ideas off of.

I recently teamed together with Danesha of @_sincerlytrill and Onyi of @sincerleyonyi, two amazingly talented, immensely stylish, and insanely gorgeous women. We put together this shoot, because the message of community over competition is very important to us. We wanted to show other bloggers, that it’s ok to share a little of the spotlight, and that lifting others up does not for a second dull your shine.

Now on to the clothes, like I stated, The babes are seriously stylish and like me love make affordable fashion pieces look extremely chic. Onyi is wearing the Target Line ‘A new Day’ Relaxed Trousers and Blazer set, which is currently on sale so you should basically run to the nearest target and snatch them up before they’re all gone. I am wearing all Forever21, of course, the Sheer Top is still in store and I think is the cutest summer staple to add to any wardrobe. These exact pants are no longer available in store or online, but I’ve linked a close second and to tie the entire look together I chose these bold Earrings. If you’re like me and love bold earrings, definitely check out  F21 as a contender, they have so many cute pairs and most under $6. Daneesha is wearing a romper from Ross, which I linked a few similar pieces below, fun frilly flats, and a vibrant scarf as a headwrap to tie her look together so effortlessly.

We had so much fun, discussing the different editing tools, style tips and future collab ideas that I can’t wait to do it again. I hope you guys enjoys this read and are inspired to reach out to your fellow blogging buds for future collabs!

Danesha’s Fit Options: F21 option , Charlotte Russe Option , 2020 Ave Option

(P.S. Us matching was super unintentional, but I guess the saying is right, great minds truly do think a like.)




5-26-18_pearlshoot_matte-44 blur872549441..jpg



Best Thrift Stores In San Antonio

If you follow me on Instagram and you’ve gotten a chance to see my insta stories, you would’ve seen me score some pretty amazing thrifted items! For instance I scored not only one, but 2 vintage Dooney and Bourke purses in the same week, I also scored a Christian Dior top, and some pretty snazzy French Connection Libby Heels (pictured below).


I have visited my fair share of different Thrift locations and have been able to find some pretty amazing pieces throughout the years, I have comprised a list of my favorite places to find the best treasures for the best deals below.

1.My number one most frequented thrift store in San Antonio has to be be the Family Thrift Center, and it’s due to there extremely low prices on the clothing. They price their items by the day rather than individually pricing each piece, which is nice considering you can find some pretty nice labels in there from time to time. Though this place is a bit unorganized, it’s definitely worth mentioning. If you choose to go on a Tuesday or Wednesday just know that it can get really packed in there, because of the stellar deals, so just prepare yourself prior to going in. This place  it’s full of great finds if you have the time to search for them. Pictured below is their daily pricing chart.

Day Price per Item
Thursday $2.00
Friday $1.75
Saturday $1.50
Sunday $1.25
Monday $1.00
Tuesday $0.50
Wednesday $0.25

2. Assistance League of San Antonio – They have great prices, a pretty good selection of items, very organized and friendly staff. The only negative are the hours, as they are only open Tues-Saturday from 10am-4pm, so if you work a Monday through Friday 8am-5pm job, you’re definitely not going to get to go during the week. One of my favorite things about this organization though, is that they are heavily involved in the community and all of their locations are staffed 100% by volunteers.

3. The Texas Thrift store chain is another frequent of mine, their prices can be a little crazy at times, especially with shoes, but their website makes it easy to see what the daily colors are and how much you can save. Also it alerts you if their are any big blowout sales going on, like the half off everything in the store sale coming this Memorial Day. I frequent both the one off 35 south and on 410 near Vance Jackson quite often.

4. Thrift City is actually a sister store of Texas Thrift and much like it, very clean and organized, but I would say this one has a little better prices. The quality of clothing there is very great and I always seem to have luck finding cute pieces there.

5. Goodwill can be a little over priced, compared to these others listed, but I put them on here because they have convenience down to a science. They are located all across town, they have color tag deals every week, their shoe selection is usually pretty amazing and priced well and their organization is on point. Plus they color coordinate and size coordinate all of their items, so it just makes it easier to find something.


6. If you are willing to make a trip up to Austin, I would definitely check out the Goodwill outlet up there, It’s one of my all time fave places to go. Everything is priced by the pound and it’s about $1.39 a lb right now. When you get there, you’ll notice a big difference from your average thrift store, everything is in these plastic blue bins that you have to sift through. The employees will periodically roll out new bins full of new product to explore, and roll away old bins, essentially giving you a brand new thrift store every 10 minutes or so. One of the best things to see, is that it does get a little crazy in there, people rushing to the new bins to be the first to get a chance to sift through them.

7. Also, while you’re there, don’t forget to check out Savers. It was one of my OG go to’s when I lived in Vegas, and when I realized that Austin had one too, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go. What I love about them is that if you donate clothes there, they’ll give you coupons for a percentage off your shopping trip. They are very well organized and have great prices as well.

So, if you’re into thrifting and looking to get the most bang for your buck, and look as happy as I am (pictured below) definitely hit up one of these places the next time you get the thrifting itch.


Forever 21 Lookbook

I put together a lookbook recently, featuring all Forever 21 pieces for the girls who want to look and feel good, without spending a lot of money. These are all affordable pieces, some of them were on crazy sale, and some of them full price. Each one of them are items that would be easy to incorporate in numerous ways in any wardrobe, which is always a good thing.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve probably said it a million times, and y’all are tired of me already. But you do not have to spend a bunch of money to look and feel fabulous, make your budget work for you and not the other way around!

I hope you enjoy the video, and definitely tell me what you think, should I do some more of these?



The Crop Top Come Up

I wanted to feature a more upgraded way to wear crop tops for the spring/summer seasons in like a grown and sexy kind of way. (insert laughing emoji). As I’ve been getting older, I’ve really been looking for ways to continuously upgrade my style, while incorporating different pieces within my wardrobe. I’m a person that really doesn’t get rid of items, so inherently I own more than my fair share of crop tops, and with that being said, I wanted to breath some new life into them.

This whole outfit was a recent purchase however at, you guessed it, Forever21 which now that I think of it, I feel like they should start endorsing me lol. I promise I shop other places too guys, it just happens that I shop there a lot as well, don’t shame me. I paired this crop top with these wide leg navy pants to kind of balance out the proportions of this outfit. I wanted it to be fun, flirty, and give off a sophisticated vibe.

I am still inventing new ways to rock these summer staples, and can’t wait to try a few more looks. Whats your favorite way to wear your crop tops? My personal fave, high waisted everything!

ps. unfortunately they no longer sale the top or bottom online, but I’ve linked a few close resembling items on my instagram through the #liketoknowit app that you can check out, if you like anything you see!

pearl matte-29-874881724..jpg

pearl matte-30181953501..jpg

pearl matte-3836521347..jpg

pearl matte-491530078757..jpg

pearl matte-31-629195847..jpg

How To Stlye: Checkered Print/Gingham

What is style blogging about, if not to show you guys what I’ve learned and teach you guys a how to? So, welcome to my new series How To Style! I will be posting weekly on these HTS (how to style) featuring different key items, that are hot on the block!

My whole reason for wanting to start this series, is so that as these trends come out, you can feel comfortable and confident knowing that you can rock them well. I want fashion to be fun, not something that someone might feel is too hard or intimidating.

I think the checkered/gigngham print style is the best trend to start with as my very first post on this series, so without further ado “I’ll have the CHECK(ered) Please! (ok, now that I got my lame joke out of the way, here we go!)

So, I think with this trend, there is a slight fine line between looking fabulous and looking like a picnic table lol, but that’s why I wanted to write this for you guys! I only added a couple of these pieces to my wardrobe, because I didn’t want to go overboard on it. Although I know this is one of the IT prints of the summer, like any style it wont be in for too long, and I don’t want to over do it and end up having  a million things in gingham print.


LOOK 1: Gingham Skirt

For my first look I paired this Gingham Patterned Skirt  with this Girl Power Graphic Tee and my Platform Vans. I totally think this skirt should rightfully be the focal point of any outfit, so I definitely took that into consideration when styling it. I kept everything pretty simple and tried to go for more of a casual, but girly look.

My Gingham Skirt was purchased at forever21 for only $16, I also scored this top at F21 as well, online for only $10.

Note: This particular graphic tee-shirt is somehow no longer sold on F21’s website, but I do have a couple of others still for sale with similar messages. (hint: just type in Girl Power)

downtown matte-36_preview-1338047129..jpg

downtown matte-161927959533..jpg

downtown matte-43609638603..jpg

LOOK 2: Gingham Longline Blazer 

Unfortunately my beloved Blazer is no longer sold online or in store, because I got it back in December, but if you needs it, I will try and find a link for you guys.

For this look I wanted something a little more dressy casual, nothing too crazy, but something I would wear on any normal basis of being extra, everyday of my life.

I paired this blazer with this lace high neck Dress/top with a cute bralette underneath,  a pair of basic black jeans, and chunky heels. I feel this would be the perfect outfit for those slightly chilly spring nights of fun!


LOOK 3: Gingham Shorts

So let me just first of all tell you guys, if you haven’t noticed already, Forever 21 is like forreal on the come up. These really cute gingham shorts I recently got were only $8, I thought they were really fun and girly, and perfect for spring. I paired them with this pale blush colored button up top, which I thrifted, and matching faux suede slides that I also scored at F21.

I felt like this fun blush color would be a great contrast to the very monotone shorts, and a good way to spring a little more spring into them. lol. To liven up this top and make it just as fun and flirty as the shorts, I tied a little knot in the front and called it a day. I feel as though it gave this blouse more of an on trend vibe.

(Side Note: Due to high demand, these shorts in this color may be sold out online, but are still available in store. They also come in Blush/White as well)


I had a blast styling these gingham printed looks, this is definitely a trend I’m 100% on board with.  I can attest that some trends really are a hit or a miss, but I can attest that if you don’t jump on this fun print, you’ll most definitely regret it. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, get some checkered prints in your life! Love you guys!

Buttoned Up

I recently scored these Killer Button Front Pants  for just under $30 at Forever 21, they are super high waisted and made from a pretty thick fabric, which is great, considering that most of their items are a little see through. One thing I would notate about them is that they are pretty tight, so if you’re ordering online, and can’t try them on, I would definitely recommend sizing up.

What I loved about these pants is their distinct color, the detail of the buttons, which look pretty securely sewn on, and the length of the pant. They seem to be a very refreshing update on a style that has been seen before. I love how tailored they are, and how they instantly class up anything paired with them, because I’m a classy lady lol.

To give these camel colored beauties more of a spring/summer vibe I paired them with this textured crop top, in white,  that was also purchased at forever 21 a couple months back. I attempted to find it on their site, but was unsuccessful so I wanted to link some comparable ones from Boohoo ,Charlotte Russe, and American Eagle.

I tied this look together with my #thrifted Christian Siriano for Payless flats and camel sunnies. These Christian Siriano’s are no longer sold in store but I have found a couple pairs listed both on  on Ebay if you’re a size 6 and  Poshmark if you’re a size 8.5. ( I promise I love you guys and will search High and Low to find things for y’all)

One I would say about this look is that it was pretty effortless to put together and I feel as though both of the pieces can be worn in so many different ways that will give me limitless amounts of use of them for the season, and I’m all about that.

If you have any pants you’re crushing on I’d love to see your comments below!

downtown matte-52-651103121..jpg

downtown matte-60650586637..jpgdowntown matte-6222517787..jpgdowntown matte-50-1433235281..jpgdowntown matte-491091419233..jpgdowntown matte-66311052614..jpg