Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

Today is officially my birthday and I’m 30! (Insert all the just turning 30 saying’s here) As you can see my favorite one happens to come from a little cinematic flick named ’13 going on 30′.

Though I feel truly no different than I did last year, saying that I’m 30 does make me feel a lot like I’m officially an adult. It’s funny, because I was just thinking about how fast the last 10 years flew by, but how as a kid it felt as though time stood so still.

I wanted to do this post as a way to share some of the wisdom that I’ve learned throughout my twenties, who knows, maybe someone needed to hear this so here goes:

1.You are forever and always going to make mistakes, it’s how we learn and grow from them that matters most.

2. Low rise jeans were definitely a mistake.

3. Using your fingers to count is still a viable counting system.

4. Life is in fact like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get, there are sweet moments, and also some bitter ones.

5. Having girlfriends is not only necessary, it’s essential! I am a strong believer that our friends, the family we create for ourselves, are our soulmates and help us get this thing called life. (Reference material: Sex and the City)

“We made a deal ages ago. Men, babies, it doesn’t matter. We’re soul mates.”— Carrie Bradshaw

6. A daily SPF is a must and I should have been wearing this long ago.

7. The things that make you different are in fact very beautiful, and it’s ok not to “fit in”! I know that people say this as an inspirational quote, but this one’s true, this one you can keep.

8. Investing in shoes with the proper arch support and cushioning is the smartest decision you can make.

9. Try to never lose your sense of childlike wonder and adventure, and never stop setting goals and believing that you can achieve them.

10. And lastly time will pass by before you know it, moments were not meant to last forever, so take chances, create memories, and love as hard as you can.

I’m hopeful to learn more valuable lessons in my life and to really live for the moment. My 20’s did bring me a lot of growth moments, I’m hoping to put all the knowledge I’ve learned to good use in my 30’s and start all the moments possible.

Street Style: Luxe for Less

Do you ever have those items in your closet that you purchased because you felt like if you wore them you be a bolder and better you…well for me that was this mesh bodysuit. On the left is the one I’m wearing, On the right is a close Comparison by Boohoo. Continue reading Street Style: Luxe for Less

New year, who’s this….

So the new year is upon us in just a few short weeks and I’ve already seen a plethora of different styles for any party goers needs.

There are so many great outfit choices when it comes to how you want to ring in the new year. For me, I always go for showing legs and covering up on top, with a little glitz to glam up the look.

For the most part, I try to keep a pretty natural look, as far as makeup, and have my outfit do the talking. Probably because makeup is not my strong suit for one, and secondly, as I’ve gotten older, I’m more comfortable with my face and all it’s imperfections. Don’t get me wrong though, if makeup didn’t scare me so much, I’d probably be full glam every damn day lol! (Shameless plug moment, my best friend Amanda has such a great makeup instagram that she’s recently started called @beatphace, definitely check it out if you get the chance) **Go best friend, that’s my best friend!

True to my monochrome heart, this year I’m opting for some pretty minimalist chic and all one color looks, mostly black, I have another look I’ll be posting to instagram later that includes Feathers!! (how fun right!?!)

I don’t really make resolutions for the new year, but if I had to pick a goal that I would like to accomplish in this new year it would be to love harder, be more present, and to work harder on perusing my dreams.

What are your plans for the new year, any goals that you’re looking to keep?


I know that velvet has been around since the dawn of time, because I wore velvet as a child, but I could never fully commit to adding these pieces to my wardrobe until most recently.

Velvet is in its golden era, once more, with new and updated trends and styles. It has a look of elegance and such a luxe texture, that it’s hard not to have one of these pieces on any wish list.

I’ve already scored a couple of pieces for this Fall/Winter season, from the Target collection ‘A New Day’, some pieces from Forever 21, and some vintage pieces that I acquired from my local thrift store. All the pieces that I’m wearing are under $35, because beauty on a budget, am I right?!

For this look in particular, I opted for a dressy casual look. I kept everything monochromatic, to be able to have my shoes be the focal point.

I paired this ‘A New Day’ velvet skirt with a basic cotton t-shirt, I wanted to give off an effortless vibe and wanted to keep this fit as light as possible.  To the eye, velvet is such a heavy fabric, so by pairing it with a lighter fabric it gives you more of a casual, dress down vibe.

I love mixing different textures together to give something a bit of an unexpected look. I’ve been really into graphic tees lately, I feel as though they are becoming a fashion staple for this new 2018 year we’re about to embark on.

Lastly, I pulled everything together with these Forever21 velvet sock boots , and this WhoWhatWear Suede purse, I felt like they would give the best contrast to complete this look, without being too much.

The last time I looked, sadly these bad boys were sold out in the Black color, but they do have a beautiful Ginger color available right now. I have tagged some alternatives below.

How are you babes styling this velvet look for this winter season? I’d love to see pics!

More Bootie Options:

DSW Velvet Sock Boots $35

shopping (1)
Sam Edelman Sock Boot $84

Skrt skirt

It’s been a really warm fall season here in San Antonio, like high of 75 degrees warm and I love it. I’ve been trying to take full advantage of the weather in my outfit choices.

The fiancé and I went to the The Pearl, here in San Antonio, just to walk around and see all the holiday lights. I love this time of the year when the city glams itself upand becomes of wonderland of beauty and amazement.

I paired this beaded aztec patterned skirt with a slightly oversized grey sweater, burgundy velvet lace up heels, that are linked below, and my whowhatwear by target suede purse for a slightly cozy chic look.

The sweater, skirt, and heels were AL acquired from forever 21 and purse from target. I love the way it all came together, I’ve had this skirt for long and I’ve always tried to figure out a way to wear it without looking too dressed up. I definitely got dressed with skirt in mind as my focal point and I’m glad I was able to let it take center stage, without doing to much.

I’d love to see the looks yall are putting together for this fall season.

Velvet Lace Up Stilettos


Hello my thrifty Friends!

I thrifted this Zara Tweed Trench a little while back for only $5, and it’s one of my most favorite pieces that I have acquired to my collection. I love how light it is and especially with the cream color, it’s a great transitional piece for going into early spring. I also love the fine details on the sleeves and pockets with the small fraying details of chiffon. It’s a really delicate and girly touch, that adds instant way to dress up any look.

As a monochromatic maven, I love putting together looks that are simple and clean, with a little of something extra. I also thrifted this faux suede saddle bag recently for only $1, that I thought really complimented this look as well. The best thing about these pieces is that they hardly look pre-loved, they look very much brand new to me. I paired these two thrifted pieces with my American Apparel t-shirt and Riding skirt of the same color hue, as well as these lace up block heels. I was going for a slightly elevated casual day look, something perfect exploring around the city.

I really liked how this look came together, it felt like an effortlessly chic look once it was put together, and I’m all about that life! I especially loved how everything fit within the same color scheme, but had its own contrast of standing out features without being too much or too overwhelming.

I’d love to see different Monochromatic outfit options that you guy may come up with!



Outfit Details:

Trench – Zara Thrifted $5 (similar)

Shirt – American Apparel (similar)

Skirt- American Apparel Riding Skirt (similar)

Saddle Bag – Thrifted $1 (similar)

Shoes – Qupid

Later Babes!