The Gift of Gordmans

With only a few weeks left until Christmas and the New Year, the holiday party season is in full swing, and with that comes holiday party fashion. If you’re like me, you’re probably looking for something extra special to wow in, something that’s definitely going to be a showstopper.

Well I was recently able to explore the aisles of Gordmans, where I put together a few holiday looks guaranteed to stand out at any holiday soiree. In all honesty, I always envision a Great Gatsby-esque mood board when I’m looking to for what to wear for these events, and without a doubt Gordmans had so many fun styles to choose from.

I also loved their wide range of shoes, accessories, and brand name products, it truly makes Gordmans a one stop holiday shop, especially considering how amazing their prices are. They say that one is never under dressed or over dressed in a little black dress, but I say…let’s shake things up and have a little fun thinking outside the box.





What’s your go-to style for rocking it at Holiday parties, are you into very minimal sleek looks, do you prefer to sparkle in sequins, do you gravitate towards the luxe feel of velvet textures or do you like to rock it all.

**This post was sponsored by specialty retailers, inc. all thoughts are my own.**





I had the honor of playing dress up recently as part of the Athleta #workinyourworkout campaign. They gave me 2 mannequins to dress, with a bit of a twist, transforming a pair of workout leggings into a work day outfit with just a few minor tweaks. My initial thought was to go for a pair that wouldn’t necessarily be the “easy” choice, by just picking a pair of plain black leggings, I wanted this challenge to exciting and innovative. Not only did I want the pair I went with to be comfortable, but I wanted them to be the star of the show.

I went with the Elation 7/8 Tights, specifically in this print to break up the darker tones, and to give this look a pop. When I tell you that the Elation Tights are so comfortable, that is such an understatement, they feature a high waist band for comfort and fit snug and perfectly. I liked that they give you the feeling of support without being too tight.

With the fall season in mind, I dressed my ladies for a bit of a cooler temperature, keeping warm tones and layering as a must. I loved getting to be super creative and to come up with looks that I would not only wear myself, but something that I would feel comfortable and confident in.

I worked closely with Mark Lee Wolf, who not only helped me really understand what each piece was capable of doing, but took the time to help me understand Athleta’s mission in this industry. To ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women and girls who empower each other to reach their limitless potential. They believe alone we are strong, but united we thrive; bringing this to life through the Power of She campaign.

(P.s. Of course I had to get in the Elation tight’s myself, they are magical)




Athleta-Canon-3 potrait.jpg



Athleta-Sony-4 port.jpg

Athleta-Sony-5 port.jpg

Athleta-Sony-26 port.jpg


Athleta-Sony-14 port.jpg

Athleta-Sony-31 port.jpg




Together we Shine

Let me first start off by stating one of the best things a blogger can do is to collaborate with other bloggers! Whether they be inside or outside of your niche, I think we as bloggers need each other. By opening yourself up, you are opening up to a world of like minded people, who you may not have been visible to otherwise.

I have preached this before, but for bloggers, I think that it’s a good idea to make connections with others who understand the struggle of what you do, and the hard work that you put into your craft. Plus it doesn’t hurt to reach out to those who inspire you to dream bigger and to bounce ideas off of.

I recently teamed together with Danesha of @_sincerlytrill and Onyi of @sincerleyonyi, two amazingly talented, immensely stylish, and insanely gorgeous women. We put together this shoot, because the message of community over competition is very important to us. We wanted to show other bloggers, that it’s ok to share a little of the spotlight, and that lifting others up does not for a second dull your shine.

Now on to the clothes, like I stated, The babes are seriously stylish and like me love make affordable fashion pieces look extremely chic. Onyi is wearing the Target Line ‘A new Day’ Relaxed Trousers and Blazer set, which is currently on sale so you should basically run to the nearest target and snatch them up before they’re all gone. I am wearing all Forever21, of course, the Sheer Top is still in store and I think is the cutest summer staple to add to any wardrobe. These exact pants are no longer available in store or online, but I’ve linked a close second and to tie the entire look together I chose these bold Earrings. If you’re like me and love bold earrings, definitely check out  F21 as a contender, they have so many cute pairs and most under $6. Daneesha is wearing a romper from Ross, which I linked a few similar pieces below, fun frilly flats, and a vibrant scarf as a headwrap to tie her look together so effortlessly.

We had so much fun, discussing the different editing tools, style tips and future collab ideas that I can’t wait to do it again. I hope you guys enjoys this read and are inspired to reach out to your fellow blogging buds for future collabs!

Danesha’s Fit Options: F21 option , Charlotte Russe Option , 2020 Ave Option

(P.S. Us matching was super unintentional, but I guess the saying is right, great minds truly do think a like.)




5-26-18_pearlshoot_matte-44 blur872549441..jpg



Community over Competition



Through this world of blogging, I have met some pretty amazing people, both in San Antonio and all around the United States, some even becoming close friends of mine. I have found that the blogging community, overall, is more about helping each other achieve and less about the me mentality. The wonderful ladies pictured are of my blogging group called BloggingSATX, it’s made up of a number of members all wanting to support and promote each other.

I know that it’s a little overwhelming to start anything major in your life with that feeling of being alone or that you have to trail blaze a new way, especially when it comes to something like blogging, youtube, instagram, or really any creative outlet you choose. Putting yourself out there can be really hard and having that community of people wanting to see you succeed at your goals is very comforting and very motivating.

I have found that a lot of cities in the U.S. have groups, like mine, for the reason of being that support system. I feel as though if you are wanting to start a creative outlet, the first thing you should do is research if there are any of these groups in your area. The good thing about meeting and mingling with other creatives is that they can help you with any hurdles you may come across,

Plus meeting creatives with the same goals can be super helpful, say for instance you’re a fashion blogger and you have friends that do the same…I feel as though that can be super helpful. Y’all can take pictures of outfits , bounce ideas off of each other, and share knowledge of different tools that you use to edit your content.

I have again been fortunate enough to meet some really great blogger babes out there that are very encouraging, and honestly some of the nicest people that I’ve met so far.

They constantly push me to keep pushing and getting better at my craft. I think having a good solid team backing you up, in whatever you’re doing, helps you find your voice and fine tune the direction of what you’re goals are.

For anyone interested in starting a blog, know that you are not alone on this journey, there are many of us out there that want you to do well and achieve greatness! I can guarantee you ‘ll be able to find a community of bloggers/creatives around you, who can lend insight and encouragement on this journey you have set for yourself.

With all of that said, if you are out there and thinking of starting a creative outlet, know this first, you can not fail, you will be great, and I am here for advice if needed! Love you Babes!


Jord Valentines

This is the time of year when all of the major holidays seem to come right after the next, especially when it comes to gift giving! With Valentines Day just around the corner, why not go for something that will leave a big impact on your loved one.


I am so thankful to be partnering with Jord Watches for a special Valentines Giveaway of a $100 Gift Code to one lucky winner! To enter into the giveaway contest, all you have to do is click the link below and fill out the entry form to be considered. All entry applicants will receive an automatic 10% off Discount Code just for entering!    (Basically entering is a win-win for everyone!)


This featured Jord Watch is from their Frankie35 collection, made from from Dark Sandalwood, with a slate finish. I love the minimalistic detail of it, which not only allows me to wear it with so many different pieces in my closet, but enables me to wear it from season to season.


I paired my Frankie35 with this sweet blush pink off the shoulder dress for a Valentines Day inspiration look, I feel like it paired nicely together, with the watch still being the main focal point.


I think any Jord Watch creation would be a stellar gift for your S/O this Valentines Day, especially with their engraving options to add a extra special touch to sweeten your gift!

Make sure to enter the giveaway for your chance to win! There’s no better way to brighten up your Valentines, than getting your hands on something as unique and stunning as these beauties! The Giveaway will be ending by 2/11 at 11:59pm!







Wooden Wrist Watch