A Content Creators West Texas Road Trip: Social Distancing Friendly

I know for many 2020 was supposed to be the year of travel, but with Covid 19 hitting the world, it put a halt on traveling plans for many. I have been wanting to go to West Texas for a while now, so this past September we packed up the car and hit the open road for Labor Day weekend. We decided to a road trip, because for us, it was not only the safest way to travel, but it would also allow for us to get the most out of our trip. Below I have the must see content worthy locations we went on our trip.

1st Stop: Stonehenge II

I had heard about this miniature Stonehenge for a while and it was always on my list of places to visit. How could I not, it’s super cute!

If you’re in San Antonio, like me, this little monument is only about an hour drive outside of the city, and definitely worth the short trip.

I think it makes for the perfect, one of a kind, super touristy photo backdrop. It’s also something you could get really creative with. This little park is spread out enough that everyone can definitely take in it’s views, and keep a safe and very social distanced stance from each other.

2nd Stop: Monahans Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes in Texas?! Sign me up! The Monahans sand dunes are about a 5 hour trek from San Antonio, but this water-less beach is honestly so cool, and definitely a must see!

There is just endless amount of content ideas to create here, and aside from that, endless amount of fun. The park offers little sleds that you can rent, and use for sliding down each dune.

What I liked most about creating content here, is how spread out everything is. There were people there, but everyone was so spaced out that it was honestly felt like Ben and I had the whole place to ourselves.

3rd Stop: The Open Road

Literally anywhere on the Texas country roads make for the perfect photo backdrop. In some areas, the cars are so few and far between that you can literally capture a snapshot right in the road (safely)

These are some of my favorite types of photos, because they just scream Road Trip. For inspiration, check out ideas from Pinterest, there are countless posses/outfit combos that you can put together!

This is probably one of the most socially distant things we did, because it was literally just us and the open road.

4th Stop: Sitting Bull Falls

Ben and I wanted to make the most of our trip out west, so we kind of made it up as we went. One of the locations we decided to hit up was this scenic natural pool area, located in Carlsbad, NM, that I found through Instagram of all places.

Surprisingly, there were hardly any people there at all, it was very well spaced out, and extremely photogenic.

The road to get there is very long, winding and absolutely beautiful. This is definitely something I’d recommend to anyone who likes being outdoors.

Keep in mind that the falls are in a national park that is open to the public, so though we came on a day where there weren’t many people, I could definitely see this area getting packed.

5th Stop: Roswell, NM

Roswell is know for everything Alien aesthetic, and one of my favorite things is that the city really gets into it.

We truly only got to drive through Roswell on our way to our next destination, but I did get to stop at The Welcome to Roswell Sign and the Spaceship McDonald’s…I definitely recommend both!

6th Stop: White Sands, NM

Ok, soooo we didn’t actual get any content at the White Sands, because we had already gone to the Monahans, and it’s virtually the same.

I would like to notate that the color of the sand here is very white opossed to the more golden sand at the the Monahans. Personally for me, if you have a choice to go to either, I would pick the Monahans over the White Sands. There were more dunes, and less people by far.

7th Stop: Marfa, Tx

Marfa is jam packed with beautiful aesthetically pleasing areas, no matter where you look! There’s content to be made, no matter where you go, we literally took the bulk of our photos here, and we could have done so much more…too bad I couldn’t fit more in my suitcase lol.

For this trip we tried to stick with some of the more iconic areas, like the Prada Marfa, Marfa Public Radio, Bar De Jugos, and The Stardust sign.

8th Stop: Big Bend National Park, Tx (Chisos Mountain Lodge)

One of the stops that was important for Ben and I, while we were on our trip, was to stop at the Big Bend National Park! We heard that they opened it back up a lot more since covid hit, and we thought it would be a pretty cool experience.

Pros: This trail is insanely beautiful and pretty easy to trek

Negative: On the list of everything Ben and I did on this trip, this was by

9th Stop: Alpine, Tx

In lieu of actually staying in Marfa, we ended up getting lodging in Alpine. It was mainly due to how much cheaper it is, and also because it’s smack dab in the middle of both Marfa and Marathon.

Alpine is a very quaint and picturesque small town and is definitely worth checking out. The Maverick Inn (pictured below) fit the perfect West Texas aesthetic as well. Unfortunately they were closed for the season when we were there, but I think it’d definitely be a place worth staying at.

10th and Last Stop: Marathon, Tx

Marathon Texas ended up being the last adventure on our list before heading back home. It has so many iconic locations, like this mini Target and the Gage Hotel, and many more.

What I liked most about Marathon is that it’s not as packed as Marfa, and possibly is a little bit lesser known, it also packs so many very picturesque locations.

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