Below I’ve listed some of my most used and favorite apps that help me to not only create cohesive content, but also help me gain analytics from what I post and get a better sense of who my audience is. Some I use for editing my photos, for storing my researched hashtags, or for planning out my feed. Hopefully you find these tools useful in your content creation journey as well. As always, follow me on my Instagram to keep up with my daily posts.

Filter Apps: Lightroom App, Tezza App, A Color Story

LIGHTROOM MOBILE: The Lightroom Mobile App is what I use the most out of all of these apps. I use presets that I got from CityTurtles on Etsy that I apply to all of my pictures. My personal fave is her Rustic and Fawn sets.

TEZZA APP: I recently got the Tezza App for editing (I am a Samsung user) but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites. I have been utilizing the HSL feature the most, because it helps me balance out my skin tone, depending on the lighting of the picture. I also have been using the grain and scratch effects to give my photos give my photos an extra touch.

A COLOR STORY: A Color Story is also a really great app to use for the various number of filter packs they offer. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to commit to buying really expensive filter packs, just to find out they don’t work for you. I typically use their HSL and grain features, but their chromatic feature is my favorite.

Fun Editing Tools: Picsart, Canva

PICSART: Picsart is a fun editing tool I use to add fun overlays onto my photos, they have so many different editing inspo that you can do with you photos and it’s free. There is a paid version, that gives you more access to different editing capabilities, but it’s defintely not needed to be able to utilize this app.

CANVA: Canva is the best app to use for creating different layouts, either for Facebook, instagram, youtube or anything in between. They have numerous template ideas, fonts, and elements that it’s easy to create visually stunning posts! I also heavily use canva when it comes to other blogger features like creating a media kit, facebook banners, and instagram story templates. And just to show you a little bit of what you can create using Canva, I used the app for all of the layouts in this post.

Instagram Layout Planning Tools: Unum, Later

UNUM: I currently use the free version of Unum to plan out my feed, it helps me get a good sense of what my feed looks like as I add new content, and it’s easy to move the pictures around to plan out the perfect feed. This app does have a paid version where it will also highlight your Instagram analytics and give you insight on the best times/days to post as well as the best hashtags to use.

LATER: I used to use this app a lot more, but it’s essentially along the same lines as the Unum app. It gives you a little more insight and let’s you post photos directly from the app to your social channels. I highly endorse this for anyone who is a little more of a planner, and likes to have their content scheduled in advance.

Analytic Tools: Influencer Marketing Hub, Fohr

INFLUENCER MARKETING HUB: I use Influencer Marketing Hub mostly to check out how much to charge per post, and my engagement ratings, but you can also use it to verify your followers and spot any inauthentic followers on your account. I.M.H. also has tools and resources for you to see analytics, best days/times to post, sign up for influencer platforms and more!

FOHR: Fohr is not an app, but it’s definitely worth having as an helpful tool, it gives you an extremely in depth view of your social media analytics. Fohr can analyze your follower demographics and show you the typically age range, region, engagement rate, follower growth rate and even more. The best thing about Fohr is that it’s also an Influencer platform where brands can reach out to with you as well.

IG Story Editing Tools: Unfold, Canva, Nichi

All of these apps help you up your IG Story game and beautify the stories you share. They come with amazing fonts, layouts and cute edits you can do.

Hashtag Storing Tools: Notes App

NOTES APP: Any note taking application in your Apple store/Google Play store should do. The one I specifically use is called Color Note. This is a helpful tool to use to store the hashtags that you find best fit with your content. I research hashtags quite often and I always like to keep updating my list as time progresses and this app perfectly helps me do that.

The No. 1 Instagram Tool: Instagram

INSTAGRAM APP: Instagram lets you do most all of these features including editing with filters, cropping pictures, seeing your analytics, and planning out posts. It also allows you to research the best hashtags for you to use, to save photo inspo into little folders, and to most importantly interact with content creators in your niche and create a network of potential followers and friends.

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