I get the most inspiration for poses on Pinterest. They make it super easy to search for different ideas, you can do a broad search like “instagram pose ideas” or make it more specific if you have a particular idea in mind like “gas station photo shoot”

I recommend when you see poses that you would like to replicate, save them into a designated folder so that you can reference them later.

On my Pinterest, I created a board called Creative Photo shoot Inspo, where I store photo shoot, editing, and pose ideas. I find it super helpful when I’m out shooting, because it gives something that I can easily reference.

Pinterest also makes it even easier to search for ideas, because once you start saving to your board, you can click the More Ideas button and it will automatically generate more content based off your previous saves.


This is a pose that I’ve practiced for a while, because despite the name, you’re not actually walking at all.

To get this seamless action shot, the one where it looks like I have a cameraman who just follows me around and takes the perfect shot of me going about my day, it takes a little practice and a lot of patience.

I first like to line up the background that I want in the shot, then I set myself up in just about the center of the frame, and lastly I do sort of a rocking horse motion in one spot and just have the photographer keep shooting.

Some of the ones you take wont be perfect, but this methos is a surefire way to have a few really amazing ones that are ‘Instagram worthy’.

More Examples:

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