Winter Style Staples

My favorite winter outfits are simple and classic with just a little edge.

I love pairing neutral tones together in different ways to give a fun and fresh take on classic winter silhouettes. For this look, I paired a heavy knit with a leather skirt, western style boots and my Casio G-SHOCK Women watch. To me, the mix of styles and textures make for a polished yet bold look.

Not only is this outfit something super easy to recreate, but it can be super affordable as well. Everything used to create this outfit, excluding my G-SHOCK watch, are secondhand items I purchased from my local thrift stores. Making this one of my favorites that I’ve put together this season.

I just wanted to quickly spotlight this GMS5600 series Casio G-SHOCK watch, in the rose gold color way…

It’s minimalistic design ties this whole outfit together by bringing an understated elegance and simplicity. I am someone who wears very little jewelry and/or accessories, to me I want whatever I do wear to be both a signature piece as well as something that will be versatile.

This watch comfortably fits around my wrist, is very lightweight, and still keeps that G-SHOCK toughness. It’s shock resistant, 200M water resistant, can be used as a stopwatch, countdown timer, and for daily alarms. As a bonus the metal-covered and mirror like finish of the case pairs perfectly with my wedding bands.

I personally feel that the G-SHOCK is a great piece to invest in, they have many different styles, colors, and price points, in both men and women, that are sure to fit everyone’s aesthetic and budget. I love how they can seamlessly elevate any outfit, and how they transcend time and trends, and remain a classic piece. The one message that I always try to touch on, in my blogging, is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to put together outfits that look amazing, and that your entire wardrobe doesn’t have to be designer in order to feel elegant. I do believe in investing in pieces that are going to have everlasting shelf lives in our wardrobe, style staples that we can continue to wear and pieces that able to be versatile enough to get multiple use/wear out of.

This post was sponsored by Casio G-SHOCK Women, all opinions are me own. For more information on G-SHOCK Women, visit

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