Street Style: Luxe for Less

Do you ever have those items in your closet that you purchased because you felt like if you wore them you be a bolder and better you…well for me that was this mesh bodysuit. On the left is the one I’m wearing, On the right is a close Comparison by Boohoo.


I’m not sure, even to this day, who I thought I was going to be while wearing it or even how I honestly imagined myself wearing it. If we’re being honest, like wholeheartedly honest, on a spectrum of definitely me and too far out of my comfort zone this was more on the side of never going to happen, but me being me, I am far too stubborn to just get rid of a piece just because it scares the living crap out of me.

SIDENOTE: This bodysuit is a metaphore for life, bear with me here lol, sometimes doing things that scare the hell out of us, push us to the next level. Great things never came out of comfort zones right?!

So somehow through months of not wearing it I stumbled upon the most perfect dress to pair it with and low and behold, I am obsessed and currently mingling with the thought of buying more mesh bodysuits. Perhaps to create the same look in different colorways, but hey if you find something that works right!?! I linked the dress below, which is a Selfie Leslie brand made for Forever21. They are selling like hotcakes, luckily enough this look is super easy to recreate. please tell me what you think about it or what items in your closet scare the living crap out of you, I’m always curious!

Street Styled Babe

Dress($32) – Wearing size small, sold out in small, medium still available

Bodysuit($20) – Sold out, but linked similar here and here, and this one just for fun here

Booties ($21) – These were purchased a million years ago and are no longer available, so I’m sorry, but I linked a similar pair here

Bag ($20 something) – No longer available, but similar bag linked here and here

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Jonquil Alyse

Just a girl trying to show the world that you don't have to spend big bucks to look like a million dollars.

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