How to: Thrift like a boss!

It is not wise for one to walk into a thrift store without a goal or a plan in mind, solely for the fact that everything you typically see there is going to be priced dramatically lower than if you were at the mall or online shopping. You never realize how little self control you have until you get home, and you have a bag of items that you are never really going to wear.

My strategy when going into thrift stores is asking myself a set of questions:

  1. What price am I not wiling to go over (Excluding designer finds of course!)
  2. Does this go with anything I own already?
  3. What are my intentions for this item?
  4. How and where could I see myself wearing this?
  5. Do I love it?
  6. Is this my style?

I ask myself these questions, so that I’m not overspending and needlessly spending on items just because I think their their “cute”. It’s a weird thought to say that you can overspend at the thrift store, because all of the prices are dramatically lower, but if you never wear an item even if it’s $5, then that’s $5 you could’ve have put to better use somewhere else.

Thrifting is a great way to try out the seasons major trends without spending major money, and also seeing if that particular trend “insert velvet everything trend ” is for you. Putting these tried and true questions to the test on your next thrifting adventure will definitely guarantee coming home with amazing items, and pieces that will add major value to your closet, without just taking up major clothing realty in your space.




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