The Crop Top Come Up

I wanted to feature a more upgraded way to wear crop tops for the spring/summer seasons in like a grown and sexy kind of way. (insert laughing emoji). As I’ve been getting older, I’ve really been looking for ways to continuously upgrade my style, while incorporating different pieces within my wardrobe. I’m a person that really doesn’t get rid of items, so inherently I own more than my fair share of crop tops, and with that being said, I wanted to breath some new life into them.

This whole outfit was a recent purchase however at, you guessed it, Forever21 which now that I think of it, I feel like they should start endorsing me lol. I promise I shop other places too guys, it just happens that I shop there a lot as well, don’t shame me. I paired this crop top with these wide leg navy pants to kind of balance out the proportions of this outfit. I wanted it to be fun, flirty, and give off a sophisticated vibe.

I am still inventing new ways to rock these summer staples, and can’t wait to try a few more looks. Whats your favorite way to wear your crop tops? My personal fave, high waisted everything!

ps. unfortunately they no longer sale the top or bottom online, but I’ve linked a few close resembling items on my instagram through the #liketoknowit app that you can check out, if you like anything you see!

pearl matte-29-874881724..jpg

pearl matte-30181953501..jpg

pearl matte-3836521347..jpg

pearl matte-491530078757..jpg

pearl matte-31-629195847..jpg


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