How To Stlye: Checkered Print/Gingham

What is style blogging about, if not to show you guys what I’ve learned and teach you guys a how to? So, welcome to my new series How To Style! I will be posting weekly on these HTS (how to style) featuring different key items, that are hot on the block!

My whole reason for wanting to start this series, is so that as these trends come out, you can feel comfortable and confident knowing that you can rock them well. I want fashion to be fun, not something that someone might feel is too hard or intimidating.

I think the checkered/gigngham print style is the best trend to start with as my very first post on this series, so without further ado “I’ll have the CHECK(ered) Please! (ok, now that I got my lame joke out of the way, here we go!)

So, I think with this trend, there is a slight fine line between looking fabulous and looking like a picnic table lol, but that’s why I wanted to write this for you guys! I only added a couple of these pieces to my wardrobe, because I didn’t want to go overboard on it. Although I know this is one of the IT prints of the summer, like any style it wont be in for too long, and I don’t want to over do it and end up having  a million things in gingham print.


LOOK 1: Gingham Skirt

For my first look I paired this Gingham Patterned Skirt  with this Girl Power Graphic Tee and my Platform Vans. I totally think this skirt should rightfully be the focal point of any outfit, so I definitely took that into consideration when styling it. I kept everything pretty simple and tried to go for more of a casual, but girly look.

My Gingham Skirt was purchased at forever21 for only $16, I also scored this top at F21 as well, online for only $10.

Note: This particular graphic tee-shirt is somehow no longer sold on F21’s website, but I do have a couple of others still for sale with similar messages. (hint: just type in Girl Power)

downtown matte-36_preview-1338047129..jpg

downtown matte-161927959533..jpg

downtown matte-43609638603..jpg

LOOK 2: Gingham Longline Blazer 

Unfortunately my beloved Blazer is no longer sold online or in store, because I got it back in December, but if you needs it, I will try and find a link for you guys.

For this look I wanted something a little more dressy casual, nothing too crazy, but something I would wear on any normal basis of being extra, everyday of my life.

I paired this blazer with this lace high neck Dress/top with a cute bralette underneath,  a pair of basic black jeans, and chunky heels. I feel this would be the perfect outfit for those slightly chilly spring nights of fun!


LOOK 3: Gingham Shorts

So let me just first of all tell you guys, if you haven’t noticed already, Forever 21 is like forreal on the come up. These really cute gingham shorts I recently got were only $8, I thought they were really fun and girly, and perfect for spring. I paired them with this pale blush colored button up top, which I thrifted, and matching faux suede slides that I also scored at F21.

I felt like this fun blush color would be a great contrast to the very monotone shorts, and a good way to spring a little more spring into them. lol. To liven up this top and make it just as fun and flirty as the shorts, I tied a little knot in the front and called it a day. I feel as though it gave this blouse more of an on trend vibe.

(Side Note: Due to high demand, these shorts in this color may be sold out online, but are still available in store. They also come in Blush/White as well)


I had a blast styling these gingham printed looks, this is definitely a trend I’m 100% on board with.  I can attest that some trends really are a hit or a miss, but I can attest that if you don’t jump on this fun print, you’ll most definitely regret it. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, get some checkered prints in your life! Love you guys!


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