Buttoned Up

I recently scored these Killer Button Front Pants  for just under $30 at Forever 21, they are super high waisted and made from a pretty thick fabric, which is great, considering that most of their items are a little see through. One thing I would notate about them is that they are pretty tight, so if you’re ordering online, and can’t try them on, I would definitely recommend sizing up.

What I loved about these pants is their distinct color, the detail of the buttons, which look pretty securely sewn on, and the length of the pant. They seem to be a very refreshing update on a style that has been seen before. I love how tailored they are, and how they instantly class up anything paired with them, because I’m a classy lady lol.

To give these camel colored beauties more of a spring/summer vibe I paired them with this textured crop top, in white,  that was also purchased at forever 21 a couple months back. I attempted to find it on their site, but was unsuccessful so I wanted to link some comparable ones from Boohoo ,Charlotte Russe, and American Eagle.

I tied this look together with my #thrifted Christian Siriano for Payless flats and camel sunnies. These Christian Siriano’s are no longer sold in store but I have found a couple pairs listed both on  on Ebay if you’re a size 6 and  Poshmark if you’re a size 8.5. ( I promise I love you guys and will search High and Low to find things for y’all)

One I would say about this look is that it was pretty effortless to put together and I feel as though both of the pieces can be worn in so many different ways that will give me limitless amounts of use of them for the season, and I’m all about that.

If you have any pants you’re crushing on I’d love to see your comments below!

downtown matte-52-651103121..jpg

downtown matte-60650586637..jpgdowntown matte-6222517787..jpgdowntown matte-50-1433235281..jpgdowntown matte-491091419233..jpgdowntown matte-66311052614..jpg


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