I’m Set

Ladies! When I tell you that I was living for this set, I am not lying, like who doesn’t like a good 2 piece set amirite!? For me, wearing a set is like wearing a fashionable ready to go uniform. What I love the most about sets are that they allow you to express your sense of style, they are so easy to piece together, and they allow for so much versatility.

Fashion Insider Tip of the day: If you buy sets, you can interchange them with other things and create all new looks!

Each piece of this H&M set, on it’s on was quite girly, so I played that aspect up and paired them with my fave Nine West Golden Slides. The Top , which is currently on sale for just $15, is made of a very light airy fabric. It is very transparent, so I wore pasties to cover up my lady bits, but you could definitely sport just a strapless bra. The Skirt is selling for $10, and is made of the same material, but dawns a lining. I love the intricate detailing of both pieces, from the small and dainty print bestowed on them, to the carefully constructed smocking and ruffle trim they feature.

To me this felt like the perfect outfit for a warm spring day, it effortlessly moved with the wind and kept me very cool. As you can see, even during the warmer months I usually stick to a very neutral and minimalist color scheme, so I felt like this embodied me very well. Not to mention, as someone who thoroughly enjoys putting monochromatic looks together, this is the perfect option for the Spring/Summer season that’s upon us.

I’d love to see how y’all are wearing sets this season, I have seen so many rolling out online and in stores, I can’t wait to get my hands on a couple more!

Until next time loves!!

downtown matte-88-1283599701..jpg

downtown matte-922044193133..jpg

downtown matte-721504232623..jpg

downtown matte-74-444549692..jpg

downtown matte-90-1588480982..jpg



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