Community over Competition



Through this world of blogging, I have met some pretty amazing people, both in San Antonio and all around the United States, some even becoming close friends of mine. I have found that the blogging community, overall, is more about helping each other achieve and less about the me mentality. The wonderful ladies pictured are of my blogging group called BloggingSATX, it’s made up of a number of members all wanting to support and promote each other.

I know that it’s a little overwhelming to start anything major in your life with that feeling of being alone or that you have to trail blaze a new way, especially when it comes to something like blogging, youtube, instagram, or really any creative outlet you choose. Putting yourself out there can be really hard and having that community of people wanting to see you succeed at your goals is very comforting and very motivating.

I have found that a lot of cities in the U.S. have groups, like mine, for the reason of being that support system. I feel as though if you are wanting to start a creative outlet, the first thing you should do is research if there are any of these groups in your area. The good thing about meeting and mingling with other creatives is that they can help you with any hurdles you may come across,

Plus meeting creatives with the same goals can be super helpful, say for instance you’re a fashion blogger and you have friends that do the same…I feel as though that can be super helpful. Y’all can take pictures of outfits , bounce ideas off of each other, and share knowledge of different tools that you use to edit your content.

I have again been fortunate enough to meet some really great blogger babes out there that are very encouraging, and honestly some of the nicest people that I’ve met so far.

They constantly push me to keep pushing and getting better at my craft. I think having a good solid team backing you up, in whatever you’re doing, helps you find your voice and fine tune the direction of what you’re goals are.

For anyone interested in starting a blog, know that you are not alone on this journey, there are many of us out there that want you to do well and achieve greatness! I can guarantee you ‘ll be able to find a community of bloggers/creatives around you, who can lend insight and encouragement on this journey you have set for yourself.

With all of that said, if you are out there and thinking of starting a creative outlet, know this first, you can not fail, you will be great, and I am here for advice if needed! Love you Babes!



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