How To: Save Money While Shopping

I recently started a Youtube channel as a way to potentially reach more Fashionistas out there, who would be looking for help/guidance on styling Maximum style looks with minimal spending, essentially anyone who wants to look #luxeonabudget. I also started this because, I realized, with the way that Instagram’s new algorithm is set up, I might not be able to be as visible to the people who are looking for help in that arena.

Luxe & Labeless, the Youtube addition, will be geared towards answering questions that I always wanted answered when looking for style/fashion inspiration online. I used to have a hard time really finding someone who was showcasing items that didn’t cost an arm in a leg, and that still looked very stylish.

One thing that I can definitely say about Youtube, that I don’t really get from any other platform, is that I can show you guys more of who I am. From the pictures that I post on IG, you can’t really see how silly I am, and when I’m talking to the camera, I really feel as though I’m talking to you guys.

My most recent video is about How to save money while you’re shopping, I know that sounds impossible, but if you focus on buying staples over trends, you’ll essentially eliminate the need to continuously buy new things as well as cure that feeling of having nothing to wear.

Thank you guys for stopping by, I truly appreciate each and every one of my followers on any platform that you choose to follow me, stay updated on new content by subscribing to my blog, my IG, and my Youtube. Thank you guys so much, until next time!

P.s. I’d love to hear different ideas, questions, tips that you may be looking for in a video! I’ve gotten pretty good at saving money on clothing, and I’d love to pass that knowledge to you!


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