Back to the Basics

So it occurred to me that pretty much every video that talks about building your wardrobe, is not necessarily budget friendly for everyone. Some of us may have smaller budgets to work with, but that doesn’t that we can’t look just as Luxe.

Like any professed style guru will tell you, it’s always good to start with a strong base in your wardrobe, then build up from there. Having a strong base will allow you to pull off effortlessly chic looks without having to run to the stores every time a new trend emerges, therefore saving you money.


The Basics: the basics are the staples in your closet, the items you are going to get the most wear and longevity out of. Below I have listed a few budget friendly style staple basics to get you started.


Leather jacket:


onleather jacket
Old Navy $49.00
Zara $69.90
leather jacket
Forever21 $32.90


Jean jacket:


tjean jacket
Target $29.99
Zara $39.99
jean jacket
Forever21 $29.90


Black Skinny Jeans:


Asos $40.00
SHEIN $18.00


blk jeans
Forever21 $17.90


Dark wash denim: (preferably a mid to high rise)

Old Navy $34.99
Zara $19.99


drk wash jeans
Forever21 $17.90


White and Black Crew Neck T-shirt:


Asos $14.00


SHEIN 2pck $14.00
crew neck top
Forever 21 $6.90


Black Sleeveless Top: (tank style)

asos sleevless
Asos $12.50


Zara $12.99
Forever21 $10.90

White (collared) Button Up Blouse:

swhite button
SHEIN $15.00
Zara $29.90
white shirtf21
Forever 21 14.99



Black Mini Skirt: (anything above the knee)

asos mini
Asos $40.00
Zara $15.99
ts blk mini
Topshop $48.00




The reason that these items are so important to your closet, is because it is so much easier for you to build on these, and there wearability is unmatched. It will stop you ultimately having that feeling of having nothing to wear, plus these are all non seasonal pieces, which means you don’t have to pack them up and store them away once (insert season) is over and done.

If you’ve been feeling as if your wardrobe needs a little pep in it’s step, I definitely recommend, purging the items you no longer wear for sure and just slowly knocking off this list, as you can, and having something that’s ultimately going to save you money in the long run.


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