Sporty Spice for a Day!

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It’s been a mildly warm winter here in San Antonio, so I’ve been trying to take full advantage of it with my clothing choices, especially before the weather realizes what month it is and gets colder. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve dawned this look, but it was one of my favorites so far, it was so comfortable and easy. (Speaking of comfort-ability, this outfit was definitely outside of my comfort range as far as the clothes that I typically wear. Funny, right?!)

What inspired this look, mostly, was this killer jacket I scored from Forever21 on Super Sale from their mens racks. I loved the color of this jacket  as well as the way it was constructed, especially with the functioning zipper detail on the arms. Side Note: I’m not going to lie, sometimes the mens clothes are better than ours, especially when it comes to creating a slightly baggy/oversized look.

I’ve been thinking of different ways to wear it for a while now, and I thought this casual vibe would be perfect for just strolling around town and running errands. I wanted to go for an effortless look, that says, she probably is going to work out, when really she is probably going brunching.

Like always, because the monochrome speaks to my soul, I tried to keep everything cohesive and coordinated. Plus I also wanted to go full Chic Sporty Spice Vibes, if that’s a thing, because who says that you can’t be both cute and be comfortable at the same time?! It’s 2018 ladies, we don’t have to choose between these 2 anymore!

I also took into consideration the proportions of each piece, because the jackets fits bigger, I wanted keep everything underneath a little tighter. I feel like if you’re doing too much of one thing (whether it be too much tight of clothing, or too loose of clothing all together) it could just muddy up the look and not give off the effortlessly chic vibe that that you may be going for. I had a lot of fun putting this look together and I’m glad that I pushed myself, just a little outside of my bubble to put it together!

If you’re as obsessed with monochrome as I am raise your hand!raising hand




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