A New Day Indeed

If you haven’t come across the A New Day Collection in Target already, dare I say, you may be living under a rock?! From my perspective, this Collection is fun, fresh, upbeat, and updated to today’s current trends.

Never have I ever loved a collection so much, in its entirety, but this is definitely one made with everyone in mind. I love that this collection was well thought out, and how much versatility that it gives as the everyday woman. They have a range of prints, textures, and styles that are easy to mix and match, to dress up or down, or simply to just get cozy at the house.

I feel like I’m the unofficial Hype Man for this collection, as I do own many pieces from it. I have snagged some cute top, jackets, skirts, and shoes and I ‘m sure there is more to come. I also Coveted the highly sought after, very much unavailable (and by that I’m mean sold out, and no longer being made) blazer of the season. (listed below for reference)

and blazer

With such lovely pieces, it’s hard not to find a couple to take home. I promise this is not a paid sponsorship, nor an ad, I just wanted to share a little bit of what I’m currently into and gushing over. I have attached a link below so that you can shop their, very affordable and very stylish, pieces below.





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