Showing My Stripes

Happy Wednesday Babes!

So it seems this year we’re only getting a small glimpse of winter, which I’m totally ok with. I always tell people that I refuse to live in a place where the snow is trying to kill me lol! I took full advantage this past week, of the sun showing it’s pretty little face, and threw on a comfortable jumpsuit for a stroll in the King Williams District with my boo.

I’m not going to lie, I’m all here for the ease of what jumpsuits bring to fashion, because you’re literally wearing one piece of clothing. I love everything about them, you just throw it on, and voila…you’re instantly super chic and super cute.

alyse photoshoot 111971969507..jpg

So because this jumpsuit has been one of my favorite pieces to incorporate into rotation, I’m still trying to figure out really cute ways to wear it, without it being to dressy for the occasion. For this go around I threw on these Nine West Gold Slides, for a sophisticated, but casual look.

I did score this jumpsuit, on sale for $10, at Forever21. Unfortunately they no longer have this listed on their site, but for those interested, their is one exactly like this listed with Fashion Nova that come is black as well. I can honestly tell you, this jumpsuit, gives me so much life!! It’s fits perfectly, the fabric is pretty solid and feels amazing, also I instantly loved the cutout in the front. It’s not too daring, but does give a little peek of skin, that elevates this piece even more. I love where it hits the leg as well, and the stripes accentuate my figure and even make my legs appear longer. I think this was a well executed piece for Forever21, and I absolutely love it.

alyse photoshoot 11-880213525..jpg

These slides are normally $43, but I was lucky enough to snag them during the Nine West Black Friday sale, where they were marked down to $20! To be honest, I would purchased them at the regular price as well, because I’ve been looking for a pair like these for some time. I know the metallics are making their rounds through the fashion culture right now, I love the way they give an outfit that extra oomph, that you didn’t even know that it needed.

I also purchased the Coach Lyla Bag, that I’m wearing, during Black Friday as well. The Coach Outlet in San Marcus, was having an outrageous sale of 70% off of everything that day, which brought her down from $295 to a whopping $93. I love how neutral the cream color is, I feel like it could truly go with any outfit.


alyse photoshoot 11-1537034431..jpg

For the most part, the babe and I just walked around the King Williams District for our date night outing, which I might add is very relaxing. Until next time, my Loves!



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