Bluebonnet Fields Forever


Hello My thrifty friends!

I know I took a week off from posting, but I’m back in full effect, and with double the content! I had a lot of work to catch up on last week so I thought it be ok to take a little break. I recently took a trip about an hour north of San Antonio with the bubs, over the weekend, to do the one thing that a texan needs to do do to truly be a texan… I took pictures with Bluebonnets. Somehow in my 28 years of life I’ve never accomplished this until now, what was I waiting for…not really sure lol. It was if I had passed a milestone or right of passage. Mamma I made it!

BlueBonnet_3_26_2017-33 (1)

I’ve really been into denim looks lately, I feel like this is a trend that never truly goes out of style, but often comes back in full force every couple of years. I actually think it’s an addiction at this point, like how many jean shirts should one person own, am I right? Especially when this denim snap button skirt was only$2, it’s hard not to resist.


On of my favorite things about both of these looks is that I feel as though I’m posing for an Ad, and all I was trying to do is make sure my hat didn’t blow away.  I also love the fact that they have a very transitional spring feel without being too spot on. 


I know that my style is a little more on the simplistic side, but I kind of feel a little bit extra as well. I felt like I was from little house on the prairie times in this outfit. I loved every minute of it too.


The second outfit choice was more of a hippie boho chic vibe that I put together, I liked the light floral pattern of the dress and that it was just a hair spot on with our floral adventure. I also liked the easy breezy-ness of this dress as well with the


This is one of my favorite dresses and for many different reasons. It’s super comfortable, it’s easy, and it’s fun…everything I look for in clothing


Both outfits were very much thrifted. Only the cream floppy hat, electric blue wedges, and grey cropped tank were purchased brand new. I like how everything really came together to complete both looks.  The weird thing about my style is that I gravitate towards different styles, but I like to make the most out of them. I feel as though I’m more of a collector of items, I buy things knowing that I will have that perfect item to pair with it, though I may not have it right at that moment.


I also thrifted the shoes for this flower power outfit, one of my favorite (and pretty much brand new) cognac colored sandals, perfect for spring! They were only $2, the dress was only $3.


I also wanted to take a moment to talk about this hair, I’m still trying to figure out the wig thing as an alternative for this upcoming spring/summer season in San Antonio. It’s always really humid here, and for all those natural hair guru’s out there, you know the struggle. I did a bunch of research and found a bunch of really great reviews for a company called LavyHair. I’ve heard great things in regards to their customer service, but most of all their product. This is their 18″ Peruvian Straight hair, that I just put a curling wand to. I will update you guys with a further review as I get adjusted to it and watch just a few more youtube videos to help me customize it a little more!

Later Babes!



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