Classic Spin

Hello my thrifty friends!

It’s been a long week

Since it’s been a super warm winter so far I’ve been trying to take advantage of any chance I get to shed a few layers, especially when it comes to planning some day dates with the man. We’ve been trying to really discover San Antonio in a different light and kind of make an adventure out of our weekends. It’s nice to find hidden gems that you didn’t know were there.

One of my facvorite things about this outfit I put together is that it’s almost entirely thrifted. The only piece that I purchased brand new was this american apparel bustier crop top., which I purchased for around $20.

I paired this bustier crop top with a flowy chiffon skirt ($3), a studded belt ($1), and black suede crossbody ($1). Each piece except for the bustier top and bow was thrifted. Both the bow and Top were from American Apparel, but unfortunately they no longer carry it.

I’m always looking for new inspiration and new styles to attempt, the funny thing about my style is that it doesn’t really fit into to any certain category, I try to let my outfuit choices be dictated by how I feel that day.WhiteBlackTop_ThriftByDayStyleByNight-8WhiteBlackTop_ThriftByDayStyleByNight-6WhiteBlackTop_ThriftByDayStyleByNight-7WhiteBlackTop_ThriftByDayStyleByNight-10WhiteBlackTop_ThriftByDayStyleByNight-12

Outfit inspiration

Later Babes!



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