Laced Up


Hello my thrifty friends!

This week I wanted to showcase this vintage slip dress that I layered over this lace crop top that I got from Forever21. It felt like the perfect outfit, perfectly matched with the Sunset Station as my backdrop. I love how romantic the lace looks with the surrounding architecture.

I’ve been honestly having the hardest time finding the perfect slip dress, one that’s not too short, too lacey, or just even a neutral color. This felt like the perfect outfit for a dressy (for me) casual day look.

The boyfriend and I are always planning little weekend adventures around the city. I loved how comfortable this outfit actually was, and that’s all I really look for in life, being comfortable and cute has always been life goals!!

I would love to see the different takes on this trend that you have come up with for the spring/summer months!




Outfit Details:

Leather Mules – $26 2020Ave (similar)

Slip Dress – $1 Thrifted (similar)

Lace Top – $12 Forever21 (similar)





Later Babes!



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