Hello my thrifty friends!

I know that I’m a little late to the party with this layering trend, but I recently took my own little fashion forward stab at it. I’ve been trying to play around with this trend a few different ways, but I’m wasn’t entirely sold on how it looks on me. I followed my instincts and went for a more monochromatic look, which happened to be one of the more successful attempts that I tried, and I really like how it turned out. Most of the looks I’ve seen have included a slip dress of some sort, but I wanted to my first “official” outing to be a little more basic.


Since I have a slight obsession with neutral colors, I wanted to put a different spin on it, and ditch the traditional slip dress approach. I went with this gorgeous, and very see through lol, Guess Connection Sweater dress. It had a very dressy/sexy feel to it on its own, but  I’ve been dying to shed some more light on this dress and make it a day look. (yes, I made a pun).


I paired this guess ensemble with a basic Forever 21 black crop top, thrifted platform sneakers, and black faux leather ball cap. I felt like the ball cap and sneakers really gave it more of that day look that I was going for.


 One of the unintentional things that I loved about this look, is that although everything was black, there were so many different patterns and textures and it felt more lively. I also liked that this look  really didn’t give off that “super trendy for the moment” vibe to me, and I feel that this is something that I can wear quite often.


I would love to see the different ways y’all have put your own spin on this layering trend that is currently upon us!

Outfit Details:

Dress – Thrifted $4 (Similar)

Shoes – Thrifted $2 (Similar)

Shirt – Forever 21 $8 (Similar)

Leather Hat – Sam Moon


Later Babes!


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