Gold Plated

Hello my thrifty friends,

I can honestly tell you that I’m not a fan of the creepy crawlies, but this vintage velvet box purse is giving me so much life. It gave me the feeling of a romantic night out with the boyfriend over a candlelit dinner,cheesy I know, but that’s what inspired me to put this look together.


Since I wanted this velvet beauty, that I thrifted for only $10, to be the focal point of this fit I decided to keep everything surrounding it pretty basic. I paired this fit and flare Forever 21 dress, my Betsey Johnson Beetle ring, Aldo hoop earrings, and these Guess by Marciano heels to tie this outfit together. (p.s. they were thrifted for only $3!!)


Besides the extremely cute and delicate lady bug detail, I love the fact that this purse is velvet! Velvet seems to be everywhere right now, and has quickly become one of this Fall’s hottest (excuse the pun) trends.

For being a vintage piece, this purse is  right on trend with everything that I’ve been seeing lately, and might I add quite the staple. I think that the silhouette of this outfit really gave this purse a fresh ad updated vibe, and I love how all of the gold details of each piece worked together to create a cohesive and polished look.


Can you believe that these Guess shoes had never been worn, what the what!? I’ve been waiting for the right outfit to don the beauties, and they fit right in with this gold and black motif. I feel like it was meant to be, like the stars aligned and the thrifting gods put these in my life so that I slay this outfit! (I’m a little dramatic)


I love planning date nights with the boo, dressing in cute, flirty, and charming outfits to keep the spice in our love. Another way to tie this look together would be adding a leather jacket to the mix,  I think it would add the perfect balance of soft and hard, plus for a dinner date it would be a cute way to stay warm.

I would love to see what ideas y’all have for the date night outfits!

Outfit Details:

Beetle Ring – Betsey Johnson (birthday present)

Dress – Forever 21

Shoes – Thrifted

Purse – Thrifted

Later babes!



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