Mom Jean Realness

It’s in the jeans

Hello my thrifty Friends!

One of the great things about living in the city, is all the urban landscapes, they are the perfect backdrop for this slightly urban/grunge outfit that I recently put together. I wanted to focus on these thrifted, vintage Levi “Mom jeans” that I’ve reconstructed for this grungy look.

ThriftByDayStyleByNight_GraffitiWall1-8 (1).jpg

I know that “Mom jeans” recently went through a surge of popularity over the last couple years, especially with the high waisted trend coming back. With so many variations on this trend out there, I wanted to do something slightly unexpected, and widely trendy with this pair of vintage Levis to bring them into this decade. So with my scissors in tow, I made a few alterations,  gave them a new face lift, and an edge.

Since I wanted these Levis to set the tone for this entire outfit, I wanted to keep everything really simple, and we all know that you can’t go wrong in all black. I initially paired these Levis with just this American Apparel Cross V Bodysuit, but in order to give it more of a day look, and to soften it up, I added my Forever 21 Shirt/Dress.

ThriftByDayStyleByNight_GraffitiWall1-12 (1).jpg

I grunged them up by cutting a few holes into them, and I cut the hem at the bottom to amp up that look as well. I’ve been seeing a lot of jeans with the cutout in the back, almost replicating the effect of denim cutoffs, so I figured I would attempt that with this pair as well.


To tie everything together, and to elevate this outfit, I paired these JustFab Mules to give it a more sophisticated vibe.  This outfit could easily transform into a night look as well,  just lose the shirt/dress, change up the hair a little, and maybe adding different accessories.


Because I’m a minimalist when it comes to a lot of things, especially accessories, I felt like the cut of this bodysuit would be perfectly matched with this DIY choker. If you wanted I think you could definitely add a few more pieces, midi rings, bracelets, or anything along those lines…I just like to keep everything simple and clean.


I love the way these jeans came out, I feel like they add this special element of style without any real effort, and they are so comfortable.

Outfit Details:

Bodysuit – American Apparel

Mom Jeans – Thrifted (similar styles listed on etsy)

Shirt/Dress – Forever 21

Mules – JustFab

Necklace – DIY

later babes!


Later babes!



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