Belting It Out


Hello my thrifty friends!

So with this post I wanted to focus on one of my latest thrifted treasures. I found this amazing western style belt for only $3, which is AWESOME! Western style belts have been emerging with a strong presence in fashion lately, so I’ve naturally been wanting to add one to my collection for some time now. I am really in love with how different it is, this belt is very unique, but still on trend with what I’ve been seeing lately.


Because I wanted this outfit to be built more around my accessories, I made sure to keep everything very simple and effortless so that my Forever 21 Fedora, that I purchased for only $7, and thrifted belt stole the show.  I like that the Fedora and this DIY choker both played up the western fill of this outfit without looking like I tried too hard. It came together very effortlessly. Plus, the hat brought a much need pop of color and bold style statement to this monochromatic look.


I paired them with my favorite American Apparel Bodysuit and this Boohoo top that can be either worn as a dress or a shirt as well as these Public Desire Short Boots. This is an outfit that I can definitely see brunching with ladies (I love Brunch), or just running some errands around town.


Definitely don’t forget to check out the accessories section of your local thrift store, they typically are highly overlooked, and always sure to pack all sorts of gems!

Later Babes


Outfit Details:

 Shirt/Dress – Boohoo

Belt – thrifted for $3

Hat – Forever 21 on sale for $7

Tie choker – Diy $7

Bodysuit –American Apparel $38

Shoes – Gwen booties from Public Desire (no longer avail) $25

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